Current ministries and ruling elders :

Administration and Property – managing the affairs for the congregation such as
overseeing payroll matters, facility maintenance, supplies and taking care of various business functions.
Jack Koch

Compassion and Christian Education – developing evangelism, witness, outreach, special offerings, mission and other programs that help us more effectively connect with our community and grow
Laurie Mealy

Fellowship and Hospitality – developing and nurturing the life of the church family through education and fellowship.
Martha Nuckols

Worship – supporting the religious practice and spiritual growth of the congregation.
Sandra Miller

Susan Marum, Clerk of Session

Jack Koch
Joy Johnson
Ann Moody

Habitat for Humanity
Habitat for Humanity of Grayson County has their office with us.
For more information call 903-893-0009,
or visit them on the web at,
or email them at

Grand Avenue Presbyterian Church was organized on November 8, 1900 as the College Park Presbyterian Church, in response to the need for a Presbyterian congregation in close proximity to Austin College.  Its first pastor was the college’s president at the time, Dr. Thomas S. Clyce.  Under his leadership, the new mission built its first building on the corner of Grand Avenue and College Street.  In 1914, the church adopted its present name, and sought to enlarge its ministry to both the adjacent campus and the larger community.  When the demands of a growing congregation began to outstrip its space, the church initiated an ambitious building program at the same location.  This resulted in the Fellowship Hall and East Wing, built in 1956; and the Sanctuary and West Wing, built in 1961.

About Us

Grand Avenue Presbyterian Church’s Governing Body is the Session .
The stated session  meeting is on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 7 pm.

Moderator: Rev. Dr. Lander L Bethel

Special features
        Projection system
        Handicap accessible building and bathroom.  Accessible seating in sanctuary.
        Nursery facilities
        Church Library

Church History

Sharie Barnett, Secretary
Aaron Adair, Music Director
Masako Narikawa, Pianist
Chris Johnson, Security
Jack Mealy, Church Treasurer
Vilma Quintanilla, Custodian

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